This month I had some greens in my mailbox :)
First package was from Lotte. She surprised me with a beautiful, handmade doily and an aloe vera offshoot. The second green mail comes from Magda from England whom I sent one of my pilea babies. She sent me cuttings from her papyrus pant. I'm all exited!
On Sunday I did some planting and repotting. 
Can't wait my new aloe vera and papyrus to grow big!
Have a happy Wednesday!


jabbott said...

Growing is wonderful I love my house plants x

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

it is so wonderful to see how good the pilea is doing...almost can not believe it was once a litlle baby i send you....makes me so happy. enjoy all your plants and much love xxx

Sandra Dunn said...

I always love your plant posts - so fresh and green :) and always nice to see the trades and how your greenthumb makes these baby plants thrive... So much light in your house.

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

beautiful green mail!
pilea is such a pretty plant!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@jabbott: so do I :)

@Belle Fleur de Lis: Yes, I never ever imagined that they will become so big and wonderful! Thank you so much!!!

@Sandra Dunn: :) it's a lovely little house :) I'm very grateful :)

@evdokia: Yes, indeed!