wool rug

Finished this big wool rug and could not resist to make a little photo session with it :)
We had some snow, but it disappeared very fast again. On Saturday we visited an amethyst deposit not very far away from where we live. It is the biggest in the world with this certain kind of gemstone. We could go down a tunnel to see the amethysts in natural environment. I got myself an amethyst for my room. Maybe I will show it to you soon!
Hope you are all good and wish you a good start into the new week!


Sandra Dunn said...

Of course I love them! ;)

Sandra Dunn said...

Beautiful rug! Beautiful you!! I would love to see your amethyst... lucky you to have the amethyst mine there! Have a great week.

jabbott said...

What a lovely colourful rug x

...tatjana... said...

ich beäugel so gern deine wollspiralen und feinen illustrationen ... der schwan der igel! hach!


cococita said...


Fran {La Lainière} said...

I'd love to make a woollen rug like this sometime. Yours is lovely!