Rose doily rug

First doily rug of the new year.

On Saturday it was unusual warm and the sky was full of iridescent clouds. They were moving fast, it looked like a huge oil film overhead. I've never seen something like that before.


jabbott said...

What a super pretty rug and that sky wow!

Anik├│ said...

to me that looks like some crazy daytime aurora display - is that even possible? here we see auroras in the nighttime sky every now and again, sometimes even as late as May but i never heard of daytime ones. a few days ago there were some auroras in the early morning hours in the night sky - these days we are up with the baby a lot in the night...maybe the sun has been really active and you got to see some daylight northern lights??

cococita said...

So impressive!
I'd love to have seen this with my own eyes as well: thank you for having shared this special experience with your audience.

Alicia said...

Happy New Year Claudia!
Beautiful pictures!

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

the sky is magical!
have never seen something like this!

very pretty doily rug :)

Stefanie Seltner said...

Der rose doily rug ist so entz├╝ckend!
x Stefanie

mieke willems said...

waw, that's beautiful! i have never seen it, just took the pictures from google!