Christmas illustration

Cats and Christmas trees -
sometimes not the best combination!
But good for a nice illustration ;)

{Postcard available here and here}


Sandra Dunn said...

The cutest combination yes!

Lily said...

Love them!

cococita said...

I bet this will be exactly what will be happening at our place this year (at least in my cat's imagination)

Patrice A. said...

i wanted to make them
for my shop, and
i have the ideas but
not enough time
and now i am too late i guess

yours looks fine!!!!

i had to think of you
while working the garden last week
and figuring out how to
make the (kitchen)garden next year


wide-eyed-tree said...

@Sandra Dunn: :) we both know, the cutest combination would be a little Chi and a Christmas tree ;)

@Lily: Happy that you love them!

@cococita: Yes! Haha, hope your cat will not use your Christmas tree as a cat tree ;)

@Patrice A: Yes, always the same, too many ideas, too less time! But it's never too late, because the next Christmas comes for sure!
Oh, I will make so much different next year with my kitchen garden. I learned a lot from this first year. I guess you never finish your training regarding gardening and it will never be the same.
I'm looking forward to you coming garden adventures!