I enjoy reading Fräulein Ordnung's blog. It is mainly about keeping order and the joy of a decluttered home. Every Saturday she is showing a review about moments and things that made her happy during the last week. Everyone can join and leave a link on her site.
Here we go:
Preparing for the etsy pop-up shop starting next week.

Sticking four-leaf clovers into my sketchbook.

Reading one of Tom Hodgkinson's great books.
{How to be free}

My latest linoleum prints.

Watching Mr. woodpecker.

Wish you all a cozy weekend!


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

good weekend and good luck to you


Sandra Dunn said...

I love this post, Claudia - everything about it. :)
Thank you for sharing Fraulein Ordnung's website!
Wish you a wonderful weekend,,, as the week continues with happiness! :)