Garden update

My nasturtium is still growing like crazy. What a big plant from only a few little seeds.
The salad I planted end of September is doing also good, I'm harvesting every day.
The highlight was the pepino I was able to pick. The plant is also in the greenhouse. It was delicious! After all salad is harvested I will make a gardening break to gain some energy for next spring.

Oh, and no sweeping up leaves this year. The storms blew them all away!

Have a nice Saturday!


cococita said...

It looks so amazingly beautiful put there. Love the colour palette of your photography. A whole winter to cocoon and to let things rest until the refreshing new spring season will be there.

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

this pepino is a fruit or a vegetable? :) very pretty colors!

studio meez said...

Nasturtium is one of my favorites, I like the shape of the leaves and the colors. I'm putting my luffa-seeds in water today. Very curious when and how it will grow.