Be happy!

More post card motifs.

It's rainy and grey here, no real winter in sight.
Did you have snow so far?


jabbott said...

Hi there, no snow just wet foggy weather. I like to see snow, suppose we will get some when we head in to December time. Great cards by the way I like the Birthday one the best x

mme ulma said...

oh ja, die lieben geschnabelten!
ach, schnee, keinerlei in sicht.
aber so weit sind wir ja nicht auseinander ;)

evdokiatsiligiridou said...

lovely both of them!
no snow here... just some rain.

studio meez said...

It's chilly but still for from winter. I don't mind since I'm not that fund of winter. Good luck with the etsy pop-up dear Claudia!

querido diário said...

It never snowa in Portugal :/