September Mail

September is gone, I hope we will have a golden October.
The birches in our garden started to change the color of their leaves, it gives me a content cozy feeling every morning when I first look at them.
I hope you are all well and ready to see my snail mail treasures!
A big thank you to you all!
I'm sorry if some of you are still waiting for a reply, but having so many lovely pen friends is sometimes quite overwhelming! So please be patient with me :)

First letter is from Joy. She sent me this beautiful handmade heart and fabric markers! Exciting!
I loved to hear all your news! Hope to be able to reply soon!

 Second letter is from Fiona. I was a bit worried that it was lost in the post, but luckily it arrived in the end. Again it was full of little surprises: seeds, tea, stickers, a beautiful little ceramic bowl, and 2 special spoons. What a happy mail!

When I opened this letter, butterflies where literally flying towards me :)
So happy to get news from Sara again!

I could not believe my eyes, when I opened this package from Lily. A beautiful dish cloth, stickers, weaved ribbons, buttons and so many fresh vanilla beans!! I already told Lily the story of my vanilla bean that I kept like a treasure of gold for many years and never used it, in the end it got lost. This time I will definitely use them! :)

A very pretty glass candleholder, gingerbread, cuisine magazines and a pomegranate from my friend Larissa :)
The candle looks not only beautiful when it is lit, also when the sun shines on it, it makes pretty reflections on the wall!

A pretty letter from Studio Meez! I'm especially curious about the luffa cylindrica seeds! I never had this plant in my life!

A letter full of fish surprises from Sylvie!
And loquat seeds! Of course I will try to grow them! One of the bookmarks is already in use, too! :)

Last but not least, all the pretty postcards I got last month. The first one is from Sandra and the other three are from Lily!


studio meez said...

Hooray, my letter arrived! In November I will put the Luffa seeds in the water. I'm so curious to see how it will grow and offcourse I hope it will give lot's of sponges. Such a funny plant isn't it?

wide-eyed-tree said...

I'm really excited!!!! Thank you also for all the news! I hope I am able to reply fast!

Mi Joya said...

What a good mailmonth again! :)
And happy to see mine has arrived safely too, i'm curious to see what the loquat seeds will do at your place! Good luck with them..

jabbott said...

Glad you like the things from all of us x

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

so many beautiful things in your mail!
have a good october claudia!

fiona ling said...

wow, a month that filled with pretty mail and amazing letters! happy growing with all sorts of seeds, all my love from malaysia! hugs!