Garden update

The heavy rain made my nasturtium growing gigantic leaves!
When I returned from our vacation my lithops surprised me with a big yellow flower! It was closed on days and opened only in the evening. The previous weeks I harvested the last cucumbers and tomatoes and cleared out the greenhouse. After I did that, my bitter melon started to grow more and more and suddenly produced fruits again! I'm really happy, because I really enjoy eating them!
I sowed new rucola to have something fresh in autumn, hope it works!


cococita said...

Fingers crossed for the sequel of your gardening adventure. You are an inspiration: will go back to your previous posts when planning for our new garden and 'potager'. It's such a great feeling to live according to the seasons, isn't it? Nature is a wonderful and very precious teacher!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

i am cleaning up my garden too, i did lot of work yesterday, and i am very tired now. i could harvest again a courgette and more are growing, is incredible. my nasturtium plant also got very big from one moment to an other and also got many flowers : )
it seems your bitter lemon needed some clearness and got very happy and grow new fruits, that's really nice. good luck with the ruccula and all the other gardening.