Yesterday was perfect:
  Making a long forest walk + collecting mushrooms
 Having out first butter nut squash for lunch
 Starting Yoga again
 Making a cycling tour in the evening sun (pictures)
 Taking a swim in ice cold water and having a hot bath afterwards ;)
Hope you had a good weekend also!


Katyha said...

a perfect weekend minus the cold water though ;)

Carly Kaste said...

Sounds like a beautiful weekend. That is one big puff flower! (Is it a dandelion?)

Mi Joya said...

I have almost the same picture of the dandelion!
Good to hear the weather is nice overthere!
Here it's kind of sad, lots of rain and a cold feeling :(
I miss France and it's good weather so much....

querido diário said...

so happy you had a great weekend :)
i liked mine but it was way to busy!

cococita said...

Great photos: one can see that this landscape is your real home ... You look beautiful in this scenery ... Such a wide view ...

wide-eyed-tree said...

@katyha: well, I liked the cold water, with the hot bath afterwards it was just right ;) refreshing in any case ;)

@Carly Kaste: Yes, it was huge, it was no dandelion, I think it is a Tragopogon dubius (western goat's beard).

@Mi Joya: I know it looks like a dandelion, but it was huge, it is a western goat's beard. We had luck on Sunday, afterwards weather was also grey and rainy again, yesterday was extreme again.
What a weird August!

@Querido diario: Mine was also busy, but in a good way ;)

@cococita: I love to live here, but it does not feel like MY real home actually. I miss the water, here we have no lakes or rivers near. And the woods are different too. Less conifers. But that must not be bad, just different.

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

ooohh <3