Breakfast board AHOI!

Another breakfast board with my design.
I like this one a lot - thinking of keeping one for myself ;)


mareike said...

Oh I love it!!

Carla Killens said...

Adorable !
I am very lucky to have an art print .... !!!!
(I will blog about it when it's framed)
Love the mushrooms (Pilze?) from the previous post !

querido diário said...

cute tray and hummmmm yummy watermelon!
i think i will go and have some too!

Mi Joya said...

But ofcourse you should keep this one for yourself!
It has fishes on it so ;-)
It's really beautiful, i like your latest illustrations a lot!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@mareike: Thank you!!!

@Carla: I'm happy you like it! Yes, Pilze, hehe :)

@querido diario: ah, that will be good, watermelon is the best!

@Mi Joya: Sometimes I can not resist ;)