Here is a sneak peek into our small bathroom - also used as pant cutting nursery.
I finally finished this little rug made of my old t-shirts. I cut them into stripes. 12 in number. And now they are warming my feet when I step out of the bathtub.
Happy Thursday!


Mi Joya said...

I love the fact that your bathroom is also a plant nursery :)))

cococita said...

Such a great idea! You are always so inspiring, Claudia! Your dotted plant pots always make me smile :)

lafulanitadetal said...

I love your bathroom! :)

Anikó said...

so nice to have a window in the bathroom - all that natural light! (it's the first time in my life we don't have a windowed bathroom...that's finnish apartments for you...) it's nice to see the Monstera cuttings doing well. i might have to do something like that next spring, our specimen is growing absolutely monstrous :)

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

i have no ta window in the bathroom, but i have in the kitchen high windows and i noticed some of my plants like it much to stand there, i saw how they recovered when i felt bad in a other spot.

querido diário said...


querido diário said...


wide-eyed-tree said...

@Mi Joya: :) :) :)

@cococita: Thank you! It's so nice to hear!

@Lafulanitadetal: Thank you, it is small, but has all I need ;)

@Aniko: It is also the first time I am having a window in my bathroom! So good!!!

@Belle Fleur de Lis: That with the kitchen is also nice! It is also the first time I have a bathroom window, it is really nice! It is also up higher and I can see the big spruce that is outside. Often little birds are sitting on it ;)

@querido diario: ;)

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

little but lovely!
it's nice to have plants in the bathroom :)
and of course the rug is very pretty!