Simple dreams

Cucumbers + simple food!
In the last days I picked many, many apricots and made lots of jam.
You can smell it in the whole house!
We had some heavy storms and rains, it felt like the world is coming to and end.
The street in front of our house turned into a dirty river within seconds.
Yesterday I worked a lot in the greenhouse. It also rained, but it made a comfortable atmosphere inside.
My aim in life is to have a simple and natural life. I have the feeling I'm getting closer and closer to that.
Wishing you a happy Sunday!


jabbott said...

You have done well im your garden. Its very nice to have a glut vegtables which you have cleverly turned into jams and pickle x

Mi Joya said...

That looks so healthy and yummy!!
Happy to hear you're enjoying your days at the new home :)

Lily said...

Looks delicious!

There is nothing better than selgrown produce!

cococita said...

Yay for the beauty of simplicity!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

heavy storms here too! thunders all night! it cooled the atmosphere a little bit and it's nice after all this heat!
it's such a great feeling to live the way you dreamed of! keep on!

yoojin azad said...

Love that collage!!! Looks just perfect! <3

kassiopaia said...

Was braucht man mehr, als einen Garten voller Früchte und dann ein warmes duftendes Haus. :) Dein Ziel ist auf jeden Fall sehr schön!