I don't know what it is, but my Pilea plants are really extremely productive. It seems they like my home. 5 baby plants have already new owners. One even made the long, long journey to Australia! Can you believe it, it was 2 weeks jailed in the parcel and survived!
Yesterday I parted these babies from the mother plants and it felt quite crazy to see all those pileas next to each other and more and more are following already. It gives me an idea of the nature of life.
Life is abundance!
Oh, and I forgot, it happened again! Little oxalis appeared suddenly in my pilea pot!


Katyha said...

wow! that is a whole lot of pilea babies, they must definitely love your home ;) I hope they produce many, many more pilea babies. Any tips on how to care for them? there is not much information available over here :/

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Katyha: I never read anything about them, but I experienced that they like a light space, even direct sunlight (but then you have to water them more often) and that they like wide pots, so that the babies can develop better. :)

jabbott said...

I always find it fascinating how propagating plants work's it really is amazing x

Anna said...

wonderful they are happy with you!!

Carly Kaste said...

They're so cute! And it's adorable of you to send some off to new homes. :)

cococita said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post! Happy weekend to you!

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

woah claudia, knowing it are all little grandchildren of my pilea plant , it is so crazy !!!

Patrice A. said...

when i am home i will look for baby's
because mine is almost a year old now
would be nice to have an other one

love coming here
i so enjoy the stories of your kitchen garden!
and that 'i miss the ocean'print
love it!


Mi Joya said...

Such a beautiful image to see all your pileas together, small and bigger ones! I've got 5 so far, 1 motherplant that stands in the sun, 2 smaller ones and 2 new babies :)

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Now I have got a pilea too, almost every day a new leaf. So nice to see

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

oh, so many happy pilea babies!
i like their pink pots too :)

querido diário said...

If it ever happens again please send me a pilea baby :)
i would love to have one!

Ms Fisher said...

Oh wie schön, dass sie sich so wohl fühlen bei Dir!

Wir sind gerade überglücklich in unser umgebautes Haus gezogen und ich beschäftige mich mit der Begrünung der einzelnen Räume.

Ganz besonders gefällt mir dabei, Rücksicht auf die Energien der einzelen Pflanzen zu nehmen und für jeden Raum die richtige zu finden.

Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Solltest Du ein Baby übrig haben, ich würde gern eines ertauschen. Wohl eher gegen etwas anderes als eine Grünpflanze - so viele haben wir noch nicht und schon gar keine Babys - aber ich finde sicherlich auch etwas anderes schönes.

Wenn Du magst: msfisher@vodafone.de

Liebste Grüße

PS: Ich mag Dein Blog und Deine Arbeiten so so sehr. Wenn ich mir etwas wünschen dürfte: magst Du nicht den Prozess wie z.B. so ein Elefant entsteht, zeigen?