Photo transfer and happy bellies!

This July is a special month! Both of my friends, that I am lucky to have since my very early childhood days, are having their babies! What a happy coincidence! (if you believe in coincidences)
I'm super excited and was thinking of a nice gift for them to make the last days with big belly more tolerable. So I finally tried out photo transfer! Something that is on my to-do list for a very long time.
But you know, it is always easier to get things started if you know you can make someone else happy!
And when I saw Ulma's blogpost I was reminded of it again and just started. I must say considering that it was my first attempts, it turned out quite nice, what do you think?
{First portrait © by photographer Philipp Simonis,
second by my friend Irina)
– – – – – – – – – –
How it works? You need some photo transfer potch, a picture printed with a laser printer and a clean, dry surface. The producer says you can transfer on canvas, wood, metal, glass, porcelain and even fabric (hand wash). First print the picture mirrored, then spread the potch thickly on the side with the printed picture and the surface and immediately place the picture side face down on the surface. Evenly and smoothly press it on. (I used a squeegee for that) Blow-dry it for 10 minutes. Let cool off. Moisten the layer of paper with warm water using a sponge and rub it off. Let it dry and if you like you can apply a coating layer of transparent varnish. That's it!


Belle Fleur de Lis said...

woah looks really good !
good looks for your friends pregnancy and a good start of the new week for you.


mme ulma said...

jaa! was für ein nettes geschenk!
klasse geworden.