garden update

Last weekend we finished our berry half circle with planting a red currant. We made a new garden bed directly next to the greenhouse to have some shelter from sun and wind. I planted nearly all the tomato plans that still have been in a pot. Sunny helped me of course :) The wool I used as a natural long-term fertilizer to put around the roots of the plants. It may look odd, but it is really a good way to keep your plants happy and the roots humid. The apple tree got new blooms! I have never seen that in my life before at this time of the year! Last but not least, a pretty butterfly on my dry hand (from working in the garden).
Thank you all for voting for my postcard! It made me very happy!
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trees and what not said...

I love your garden and all your growing, good luck with the postcard, I don't have Facebook so it won't let me like it, sorry!! Is there another way to vote/like?

We are looking at a house today, with a garden and a green house, maybe we will own it!! How are you enjoying your house. WHat does the outside of it look like, maybe you could do a tour of your house post? H x

Belle Fleur de Lis said...

my hands are also very dry from the gardening. the tip with the wool for the roots of the tomatoes plants i did not heared of it before, i will try this next year. i see also butterflies in my garden that is a good sign but they don't come and sit on my hand : )

Lily said...

Mhhh, yummi berries soon!

Second flower of apples - perhaps because it got so hot so early this year?

Enjoy your garden!
And soon self grown tomatoes, too.

Carly Kaste said...

Ahhh, how pretty! I wish a butterfly would land on my hand. ^-^ And I never heard about using wool in gardens. My mom spins yarn and so we've got a ton of it laying around--alpaca, sheep, goat, you name it!

coco said...

every one's garden life is getting so excited. i like to see your update.

cococita said...

Sunny looks happy! I bet moving to the countryside has been a good thing for him as well. Your half circle is really inspiring. Thank you for sharing!

querido diário said...


Sam Lucas said...

I saw on your last post that the garden is looking magnificent, with all those beautiful plants in bloom. The glass house looks cool as well. Anyway, I didn't know that wool can act as a fertilizer to keep the plants humid. Thanks for sharing that information. Everything's looking fine with the garden and I hope it continues to bloom beautifully. Good luck!

Sam Lucas @ Green Collar