Garden update

Flowers I got from my mother.
Caring for my plants.
Cucumber plants
First cucumber, it is already nearly 20 cm long :)
White fabrics to cover the sun a bit.
Pea flower
One of the flowers that got not eaten up by caterpillars :)
Tomato plants
Courgette flower!
 It has been so very hot lately! Some plants seem to go crazy with the heat, they start to flower long before their time and are oh, how to explain, they are building no fruiting body that you can harvest.
I had this with my rucola and also with Pak Choi I got from Fiona from Malaysia. The beans inside the greenhouse are growing good, they are blooming, but also seem to develop no sheet ropes, the one outside the greenhouse did not grow well at all. Very strange. It even got so hot that I had to find a solution to cover the greenhouse. I hung up some white fabrics inside, which was quite a struggle when it had 50 degrees inside even though all windows and the door have been wide open. I had to water nearly every 2 hours until late afternoon and still some plants just burnt away. Many of my strawberries grown from seed just died away in the heat. I was able to harvest onions and we had fresh salads every day! The cucumbers and tomatoes are doing the best, also the courgette plant. Unfortunately the cucumber plants got powdery mildew, but I found an easy and organic cure for it! Maybe you can try out too, if you have the same problem. I made a mixture of 1 part milk (no long-life milk) and 10 parts water and put it in a spray bottle and sprayed on the white spots. Lactic acid bacteria will develop and eat up the fungus of the plant. Already after a few treatments it was a lot better, I am very happy that it works, cause I will not use any chemicals.


jabbott said...

I feel you have done an amazing job. You have managed to grow lots of different vegtables and growing them is not always easy x

coco said...

It's fun isn't it! I spent
my day like that and sowed more seeds(sunflower and beans) and
finally inside relaxing with coffee.
It made me smile to see you in the garden. ^^

Katyha said...

it is so sad isn't it when our little plants don't survive but I'm wishing you lots of luck with those that remain. I am like you I don't like using chemicals and always go for the natural alternative

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

beside all the difficulties your garden looks happy!

Anikó said...

beautiful looking garden. the heatwave is a difficult one to deal with i agree. but now it's gone so cold again - everything on our balcony just slowed down...i mean, it's 9 or 10 degrees in the daytime :( climate change seems rather real doesn't it? still the plants that survived the difficulties look so happy and thriving. i like the idea of the lactic acid spray, will keep it in mind in case needed x