Bee you!

I once made this ink drawing for all the crazy cat lovers out there!
To be honest, I am more a dog person, but it seems most of the people I like are cat persons :)
Actually it is never wrong to love animals, no matter what kind :)
Now I decided to carve a stamp of it and printed another limited edition.
40 cats are flying around now in my room, one found the way to my DaWanda shop already.
Have a summery weekend! Here it is already 30 degrees!


Lily said...

Nice design!

Be you!
So easy and difficult on the same time! :-)

cococita said...

Hihi, it makes me smile! Happy sunny weekend x

jabbott said...

You have produced yet another cool print ♡

Alicia said...

this little cat is cute! But I am a dog person too ;)

Mi Joya said...

I am a true cat-person! I always spot them and on holiday i search for cats and give them some love and attention to make up for my cats that i have to miss..
But! I really love dogs too, if we didn't travel so much i bet we would have a dog too! :)

mme ulma said...

der perfekte kompromiss mündet in der biene :)
du, sag mal, was verwendest du da als druckmaterial?

wide-eyed-tree said...

@MiJoya: Yes, I understand that! Not all dogs are so easy with traveling.

@mme ulma: :) Was genau meinst du? Den Druckstock? Dieser hier ist Stempelgummi, und bei dem letzten Linolschnitt war es SoftCut.

mme ulma said...

genau den meinte ich, ja :)
ah, danke. stempelgummi ist fein, ich hab ihn nur noch nie mit linoldruckfarbe ausprobiert – das sollte ich wohl.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

so great!