I printed some more "I have moved" postcards and after I finished and looked at all the cards lying next to each other, I thought this would make a really nice pattern and I must say I really like the outcome. 
It cooled down a lot here, I even had to heat the kitchen stove again. Hope you are doing good and having a nice Sunday!


Anikó said...

love the house pattern. it's cold here too, we've just been counting that it's been cold here (with a 2 weeks break) for 8 whole months! hope the good weather is really coming soon. love the look of your garden, and hopefully the hailstones didn't damage your pumpkins and melons too much x

mme ulma said...

vereinzelt nett wie auch im verbund allerfeinst.

emmel-prutsemieke said...


cococita said...

How I love those patterns!
Temperatures are increasing here: it will be strange to be back in Belgium where weather promises only to be rainy ... On the other hand, that will allow me to finally create again, as here I am just to fascinated by gorgeous nature.

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

i like these little houses!
it's a very good choice the red color for the clouds!

querido diário said...

I love all your patterns!