gardening experiences

Busy in the garden.
I moved most plants into the greenhouse. Some like it, some not. 
Weather is crazy hot. I definitely overdid it with the tomatoes, but I had so many different seeds from snailmail friends and family. I never supposed that they would all come through!
On the ninth picture you can see that sometimes you fail, even if you did everything. The changing weather conditions make it really complicated. But in the end, there will be something to harvest, hopefully :)


coco said...

I was wondering how your garden is coming along. Nice to see the progress here.

Carla Killens said...

ooooo, so fine to see them all grow ! You will have plenty to harvest I guess !

Katyha said...

how exciting Claudia, cannot wait to see your plants when they are bigger

trees and what not said...

everything looks wonderful, you are going to have such a flurry of lovely things to eat x

Anikó said...

wow you've got so many different vegetables going! unfortunately my heirloom tomatos didn't make it :( as soon as I put them on the balcony something small gobbled them up in two days...

Sandra Dunn said...

It's looking like green growth there! Yay!
I had Greg take down the 'greenhouse,' I don't think my stuff was getting enough sun. The grasshoppers are everywhere again! Argh.
Best of luck to you.

jabbott said...

I think you have done very well with your garden x

querido diário said...


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

oh, vegetables everywhere!

yoojin azad said...

Love to read about your gardening adventures!! :D Everything looks wonderful! Can't wait to see pictures when they've grown. :D

We are raising mainly herbs this year to transfer them into our garden after moving. But can't wait for next year in a real garden. :D

Is the second picture an "Engerling"? We had so many of them in our terrace plant pots after the winter.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@coco: thank you :) I hope some of the plants of your seeds will come through!

@Carla: I hope so ;)

@Katyha: Me too!! :)

@trees and what not: Thank you!

@Aniko: I know, it is not easy! We had some caterpillar plague that ate up all the leaves and blooms of the trees! The new apricot trees will get no fruits at all, because of that. It is hard, but I don't want to use any poison and have everything organic. If that means, no certain fruits, then it must be that way.

@Sandra: Really? Actually it must not be a problem if you have not so much sun. I have the problem that it is too hot in there and we are thinking of covering it, but how? My parents greenhouse is standing in the shade and still working. Did you try long enough, do you think? The grasshoppers are a real problem, I don't know how to handle these insects!
Is there a natural enemy?

@jabbot: Thank you!

@querido diario: :)

@Evdokia: :)

@yoojin: Thank you! Oh I can understand that you hardly can wait to have a garden! Yes, it is an Engerling :)