Garden update

Some gardening pictures of the last weeks.
I try to do my best to bridge the time until the greenhouse arrives.
We made a little vegetable bed and I sowed carrots, peas, beans and radish.
Also I transformed our full compost that we had for leaves and branches into a raised bed to plant my butternut squash and bitter melon seedlings. Only two hours after I did that, it started to hail a lot, so I don't know if they will survive. Sunny is enjoying the garden more and more. The picture, where he lies in the grass is an absolute premiere. You must know that he is not the easiest dog, he has problems to relax since the very first day we have him. He never ever lied outside in the grass before or even sits down, but on that day he even slept outside! I am very happy about that development.
Yesterday in the late afternoon I found two tiny sparrow babies on the ground in very bad condition. I knew that there will be minimal chance to rescue them, but I tried. They had fallen out of their nest and have been still naked. After some hours of nursing them, they both died in my hands.


coco said...

i noticed the bitter melon. i hope they will bring you some fruits during the summer.

Sandra Dunn said...

This all makes me smile.... Sunny looks so willing to help you and his sweet curiosity AND his nap in the grass!! Healing to his little spring soul. Your garden - such tremendous work. I had a disaster of my own making. I noticed lots of baby grasshoppers so I made a spray of ammonia, dish soap and water and fried all the little green leaves forming from my seeds! I could just .... arggggggh. I have to start over again. Claudia - my mother bird also lost one of her chicks from the nest she built in my balcony. I buried it in a special place with the other birds and fish... I hope your garden flourishes.

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Nice to see Sunny again

wide-eyed-tree said...

@coco: Thank you! I hope so too! I never had bitter melon before in my life! Cardiospermum is also growing already :)

@Sandra: I often wonder how one can live from growing food, I don't envy farmers who have to bank on their crop! Here we don't have grasshoppers, but we have slug plague since many years and it is getting worse! It is the reason why many people here have already given up gardening. My mother gave her tomato plants in her greenhouse some days ago, on the next day the plants were all gone!! It is very frustrating!
I buried the birds under the plum trees. Wish you all the best for your further garden adventures, too!

@Emmel: :)

cococita said...

Your passion for gardening is contagious, Claudia!
So good to hear Sunny is feeling home in your garden: I bet he feels your energy in it.
So sad to hear from the birds: last year I found a dead one in our little city garden as well, fallen from the nest. It hurted so much: my dad -who is a vet- said that this is how nature works. Especially blackbirds loose one of their babies rather often :(

cococita said...

PS: we are having a slug plague as well here in Provence. I hope our first -very small- potager will survive!

yoojin said...

Love to see, how everything grows in your garden!
My husband and me are planning our garden too, even though we unfortunatelly won't be able to start this year. He is planning to build a little greenhouse for our plants. :D

Wish you good luck and a lot of fun! :) Gardening can be so calming and relaxing! I'm so looking forward to finally live in a house with an own garden. :) Can't wait.