When weather was better and I even went swimming with Sunny a week ago, I made some scribbles for a linocut. On Thursday I carved and printed it. I made a limited edition of 44 prints and 3 of them are already sealed in letters, waiting to surprise some lovely people :)
I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far!

snail mail may part 2

I nearly forgot to show you this wonderful mail! It is from Sandra 
The chihuahua portrait really made me smile!
A very thoughtful package from my friend Larissa. All wonderful surprises, but the letter was the best, it really came from heart!
Another lovely postcard from Lily :)
Last but not least, happy mail from Katyha! I really love the postcards and polaroid cards!
When I see those things, it gives me a summery feeling :)


beard pattern

I  made these "beards and mustaches" patterns for the new weekly spoonflower contest.
I had a hard time deciding which one to use for the contest and picked the first one in the end.



My breakfast table recently.
Eating lots of water melon! I am so grateful that I can tolerate fruits better again after having to avoid them for years. Watermelon is my very favorite food of all, btw.
The upper dried flower in the last picture is a gift from Sylvie!
I could pick the first anemone, grown from the bulbs I planted in early spring :)
Happy Wednesday!


mail from Lotte

Last week I got something living in my mail box again! Lotte sent me one of her oxalis plants, a cutting of another plant (where I don't know the name yet) and a pretty dried flower. First the oxalis was quite flat from being in the package, but now it is reshaping more and more. I feel blessed!


snail mail may part 1

Another awesome snail mail month!
This is not everything though, I got something living again in my mailbox,
more about it soon! 
A lovely surprise package from Yoojin! I love her rubber carving adventures! She is surely a talent!
And look at this pretty magnet bird she found for me :)
 A fox postcard from Lily 
When I discovered this pretty hat in Anna's shop, winter was already over, but in the end I could not resist and ordered it! And I really don't regret it, it fits perfectly and the wool is super soft and not itchy at all! I really love to buy from little shops where I know products are made with so much patience and love. And you will nearly always find little surprises in the package :)
I'm a big fan of Anna's knitting adventures! Just looking at her blog, gives me this peace that you have when you grab your knitting or crochet needles an having a good cup of tea :)
Another lovely letter from Sara. It was torn open, when it arrived, but I think nothing fell out. Oh these pretty stamps, she used! Love them and especially her analogue photographs! It's art!
A very happy, colorful package from Sylvie! She sent me the last vintage cards that were still missing of the pretty fairy tale card set, an unbreakable fish (you may remember that some mail was broken in the past), the cutest bug sticker,  pretty dried flowers and postcards. I feel so spoiled!
And last but not least, I did a swap with Carolin. I admire her screen prints for quite some time now. I ordered some of her postcards in the past, but could not part with them and send them away :) So she sent me more of them, I feel so lucky!!! Also about all the other surprises!


gardening experiences

Busy in the garden.
I moved most plants into the greenhouse. Some like it, some not. 
Weather is crazy hot. I definitely overdid it with the tomatoes, but I had so many different seeds from snailmail friends and family. I never supposed that they would all come through!
On the ninth picture you can see that sometimes you fail, even if you did everything. The changing weather conditions make it really complicated. But in the end, there will be something to harvest, hopefully :)


monster pattern

I was pretty surprised when I got the information yesterday, that I'm a finalist of the last weekly spoonflower contest with my pattern design. Theme was to create a monster pattern with crayons, the ones we all had as a child. I did not even tell anybody that I participated or showed it somewhere, that's why I was so surprised. Thank you all, you strangers, that voted for me!
There is a special offer, where you can order a bundle of the top 10 designs within a week.


Heimat Zine issue 3

In January I made an illustration on the subject of "secret" for the Heimat Zine, a fabulous independent and hand-produced Magazine with pictures, artwork and text of many creative people. 
Last week my copy arrived and I am super happy to show you the result. My illustration was printed with a risograph in studio blinkblink in Berlin. If you are a fan of special magazines, I can fully recommend it to you. {It is in German though.)


Good luck illustration

Seek and you shall find.


Pilea babies and succulents

I could finally split off the first two babies of my pilea plant. I counted 14 babies on one plant, can you believe it! I am so happy that I can finally have my own pilea family and being able to gift them to friends and family. I have already a little list of people who are waiting for one. The first one will go to my dear sister :) 
The succulent on the last picture I found wild growing in our garden. I try to save it from the lawn mower. We had a drastic weather change again, suddenly it is very hot again, this week it will be 30 degrees they said! I wish you a great time wherever you are!