snail mail March

It's April!
March was an exciting snail mail month!
A BIG THANK YOU to all of you!!!
Time to show you all the treasures:
First and second card from Lily, the last with the landscape on it is from Sandra from her trip to Mexico.
Another great and colorful package from Fiona. It came with a white bow around the envelope, what a sweet idea! Thank you for everything!
All these letters are from Lily. She is still constantly spoiling me! We are working hard on our greenhouse and hopefully soon I can try out all the seeds! :)
I have never got a paper crane before and Sandra sent me three! I love the illustration on the little card. And I am sure I won't have a shortage of carrots this year :D
My father sent me one of my cards in an envelope full of pretty stamps to my Birthday!
And last but not least, I got these pretty paper things from Sara. I love her letter and am happy to get to know her better! I think we have a lot in common! :)


Anikó said...

its always nice to see the great mail you get - it also reminded me that i need to send off a couple of mail myself this month. i'd like to make them as pretty as this bunch! very inspiring snail mail!

Mi Joya said...

Another lovely mail month!
So sweet of your dad to sent you some mail :) Something to cherish!!

querido diário said...

I have to start doing my mail roundups again :)

yoojin said...

Lovely mail!! :D

Michelle said...

Such beautiful mail!!