snail mail April

End of April already - that means another snail mail month has passed.
And it was a really great one!
Postcards from Lily and Cococita 
Two letters from my new pen friend Amalia from Greece!
Very inspiring mail from dear Cococita! (love the tea btw!)
Can't wait to use that cute little notebook!
3 times lucky! mail from Lily! I sowed the strawberries and some of them are already showing up! 
The Aristolochia littoralis is looking really like it's german name (literally translated) "Ghost plant". I will plant those seeds also soon :) And have you seen those awesome fabric ribbons? So adorable!
Another sweet letter from Katyha!
And last but not least, pretty dried flowers, a sweet card and sunflower seeds from Sandra! You must know, that I really wanted some sunflowers for my garden and now they were in my mail :)
I also got a wonderful package from Studio Meez
I will show it to you soon!
So stay tuned ;)


Mi Joya said...

Looks like another super snailmail month!!!

yoojin said...

Beautiful mail!! :D

querido diário said...

Hope my mail get there soon ❤️