Flower address label

It started with some flowers in my sketchbook. I made a pattern then for a new weekly fabric pattern contest. Pictures will follow. And because I wanted some new decoration for my envelopes, I thought it would be nice to carve a big flower address label stamp.
{Some of the hand-printed envelopes are available in my shop}


Mi Joya said...

Happy flowery envelopes!!

Anikó said...

pretty! must be really nice to receive a letter in one of those envelopes

cococita said...

So glad to see that you picked up the creation of stamps again.
Happy Easter weekend!

querido diário said...


yoojin said...

So cute and happy! :D

Doro Kaiser said...

sehr sehr toll! großartig designt und geschnitzt. mag ich sehr!

♥liche Grüße, doro K.