• making plans for the garden
• absorbing some sun
• illustrating


Lily said...

Beautiful veggies!

Like you I am thinking about gardening - spring seems to be allready here. :-)

querido diário said...

Hope March will be all you are hoping for :)

mareike said...

love your woodcuts so much!

lucky you, no sun here in germany's "sunniest city" :(

Mi Joya said...

Another lovely print! Would look great as a tape too!!

carnam ilinga said...

Da bekomme ich direkt Hunger :)

Liebe Grüße und viel Erfolg mit dem Garten!

yoojin said...

Beautiful illustration again!! Love the veggies!!

cococita said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! Love to you, Claudia, and thank you for being your beautiful and inspiring, positive you!