Propagation and repotting.
My Tradescantia (where I originally got plant cuttings from Lotte) has grown a lot since our move and I managed to grow a tangerine plant from the seed again.
As wind is very strong here quite often, we decided to build up a greenhouse this year. I hope we can realize it, it would be a dream of me to have one. As you may already know my mother always had a greenhouse and I love it. I'll try to find some pictures to show you!
Thank you so much for voting for my fabric pattern design! If someone still wants to vote, it is still open until Tuesday.
I wish you a wonderful weekend!


Mi Joya said...

Love the plant and the painted pots!
A greenhouse is on my wishlist too, would love to grow some veggies en also a perfect place to store my orchids and other plants! :)
Would love to see your mom's greenhouse!

querido diário said...