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Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!
A lot of printing is going on here. More stationery for my little online shop.
My geranium is back from hibernation and it is doing good!
I'm happy 'bout that because in Vienna my geraniums always died during winter.


Sandra Dunn said...

Lovely sites around your place... and when I see daffodils in your pictures I KNOW spring is coming too! Have a beautiful weekend Claudia and happy printing. :)

Mi Joya said...

Flow is one of my favourite magazines!
Always filled with lovely illustrations and extra paper goodies :)
My bf is on a snowboardtrip in Austria, so not much of Valentine going on around here! (He did make me chocolatemousse before he left! <3 )

Melissa said...

Super cute dachshund stationary! Oh and I love it when wilted plants make a comeback...it restores faith in some way :)