Snail Mail February 2014

Yesterday I took up wood printing again. The first layer is finished!
I made some changes, but more about it another time, because

it's snail mail time again!

First mail was from Lily again! As you may already noticed, she spoiled me all the month round :)
I can't wait to read that book! But I have to finish some other books first. I tend to start several books at once and then they lie in piles under my bed. How about you? What are your reading habits?

The second package was full of findings from Lily's trip to the north! I love shells!
Thank you so much! 
This little birdie flew a long way over the ocean and brought some pretty cards with Sandra's awesome encaustic art on them. Have you checked her blog with her creative adventures already? I would highly recommend it!
On Valentine's Day my father sent me a collection of tulip stamps. He is sharing the love for stamps with me. His collection is huge!
 Isabell sent me this "Thank you" package for making a tutorial for her great blog.
Isn't that sweet of her!
Another lovely letter from Katyha! I especially adore the little vintage bird cards :)
Thank you, my dear!
A wonderful surprise package from Lisa! I'm really looking forward to answer your letter - so happy that you started writing again :) Thank you for all the extras!


Isabell said...

Es war mir ein Vergnügen :-)

yoojin said...

Lovely mail! :D

cococita said...

So much beauty!

Sandra Dunn said...


querido diário said...

i would love to send you something too :) send me your adress!
Lovevly things you got there <3