I neglected crocheting the last  months, so I started the first doily rug of the year.
A forest green one.
The slippers are made by my mum, I love them and Sunny likes them obviously too ;)
I hope you are doing good!


cococita said...

It looks so cosy at your working room. Great to see how all the colours and textures match your creation on the wall so beautifully! Enjoy your quality-time, Claudia! Much love

querido diário said...

i think your house is beautiful and i can relate it to you so well :)
Your dog is adorable and your mother also is very talented :D

Diogo said...

I love crochet! my mom does a lot of things, always did, now devotes himself more to do wool socks :-) is an antique that brings me back to the times when many of us liked to live or spend a few days!
Gorgeous piece Claudia!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

your color choise is a very good one!
and your socks are lovely!
what a crafty mum you have! :)

Sandra Dunn said...

Your horseshoes look so very warm and cozy! Beautiful 2014 doily!!

Sandra Dunn said...

house-shoes (typo) !! Your mom doesn't make horseshoes does she? ha ha

dd yuono said...

you inspired me to learn crochet, i do really like all your rugs and I'm working on my own rug (wish me luck) ^_^