Have you ever been to Venice?
I have been there twice and I loved it! 
So, I thought it deserves a collage :)
And I found some old photographs of my first visit. I think it was back in 1991, I remember that I had this funny little camera with a jeans fabric cover. Ah, so long ago!


cococita said...

So beautiful! Especially love your colour combination. The red looks so vivid in contrast with the other, adorable, colours. Just got an invitation to go to Venice to meet an American friend: I think your post is the sign to say 'yes' to it! Thank you so much for sharing! When was your last visit?

neunzehngrad said...

Nein, ich war noch nie dort. Es muss wunderbar sein. Dein Bild gefällt mir, ich mag die Farben. Ist es ein Poster?
Liebe Grüße,

Diogo Silva said...

Probably back in 1991 was even more beautiful, because those 90's... were pumped! in a good way. amazing shots Claudia! I guess the vintage never die.
and that collage... just stunning! loved all the contrasts :-)

Lisa said...

I’ve been there many times, I love it so much there. Have you been to Burano? It is so pretty with all the colors!

I really like your collage!

querido diário said...

I was there in 95,also so many,many years ago - just a month before i was 18!the city is wonderful and i hope i can go back!

Annie said...

Everything is stunning. And i love the collage.

yoojin said...

LOVE the collage!! The colors are amazing and the vintage look/style...<3 <3 :D

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Love your work more and more and more!

fiona ling said...

Nope, not yet, haven't been to any Europe country yet, will do someday! oh, the collage is beautiful Claudia, love the color combination, how did you do that? Is that a screen print collage ? Also the old photograph natural color & texture, makes me think of our old photo album back at hometown!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@cococita: Oh! What a nice coincidence! If we believe in coincidences hehe :) Maybe if you feel good enough you should really make that trip! The last time I was there was in 1998. Also quite long ago!

@neunzehngrad: Danke! Noch ist es "nur" eine Illustration, aber als Poster würde sie sich denke ich recht gut machen oder auch einfach als Wandbild oder Postkarte...mal sehen

@Diogo Silva: Oh yes, the 90's! :) haha! So different to now!

@Lisa: No, unfortunately not; but I heard about it, it must be such a nice place!

@Querido diario: I have been there too when I was 17 :) I hope also to visit it again!

@Annie: Thank you so much!

@Yoojin: Thank you!!

@emmel: What a great compliment! I'm very happy bout that!

@fiona ling: I hope you really can do someday and make many pictures! No it is no screenprint. It is made by hand-painted paper pieces that are partly put together in photoshop.