the swan

I'm very happy that you like my new collages!
Thank you for all your kind comments!
I have some vivid childhood memories of a swan called "Jakob" living near the quarry pond where we used to be a lot in summer. He was beautiful, but a little scary at the same time.
Ps: Still waiting for my last oil woodprints to dry....


yoojin said...

Soooo beautiful, Claudia! Really amazing!!
I know what you're talking about. I was fascinated and frightened by swans too when I was a child. Maybe I still feel that way about swans...:)

trees and what not said...

i rreally love this one x

Anikó said...

this one is soo beautiful! <3

emmel-prutsemieke said...

If you make postcards (reproductions) of this collages I will buy them all!!

wide-eyed-tree said...

@yoojin: Thank you! Yes, they can be quote aggressive in some situations ;) But still they are such beautiful creatures!

@trees and what not: :)

@Aniko: thank you!

@emmel: There are only prints available yet, but maybe in the future some cards also. I will let you know if I let print some! :)

querido diário said...

I love swans but i love them in the lake,like goose i'm a little afraid that they want to erm no be nice to me ahaha
your collages are really great!