After being a lot in the basement lately, today's forest walk was a welcome change. It was very muddy and the weather was kind of dull, but just being surrounded by trees was a time-out for the soul. We spotted some deers and I was able to capture one with my camera. At the end I discovered this old draw well, it really looks fairytale-like, don't you think? How was your weekend so far?


Diogo Silva said...

The shot of a deer and that trunk half curled, which looks like it was created with an intense tenderness, like who makes a structure of clay :-) beautiful.
hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

Annie said...

Everything looks so calm and quiet.

Helen said...

How nice to get out into the woods and fresh air, your deer photo is perfect

Sandra Dunn said...

Ha! I love how you said you needed out of the cellar! :) Love your forest discoveries and greens and red in the brown! I saw several deer on my hill this morning too. :) Then the day ended with a coyote running into the neighborhood oaks.

wide-eyed-tree said...

@diogo silva: I really wonder what made this tree grow like that! Strange, isn't it!

@Annie: Yes it really was - very relaxing for my mind!

@Helen: Yes, indeed, I really need that from time to time!

@Sandra: haha, yes :D So nice to see such animals in free nature, isn't it!

Celina E. said...

I love these photos, so gorgeous and serene.

querido diário said...

It is really a fairy tale to see a deer live in front of me :)
you live in a wonderful place Claudia !