forest walk

No snow still - weird winter.
I'm working on a new reduction woodcut - all evening in the basement :)
I'm so glad that I can finally do what I wanted to do for so many years!
How are you doing?
Do you have snow?


Katyha said...

so happy you are enjoying yourself so much :)

and no snow in Sydney but plenty of sun. I haven't seen snow in years...1985 I think.

yoojin said...

Sounds lovely. :)
Still no snow at all in Karlsruhe...

I finally finished your package and I'm going to drop it at the post office right after work. :)

cococita said...

We are having exactly the same autumnal weather: I think real winter is still waiting for us ...

So happy to hear that one of your dreams has come true: you radiate happiness on the photos you shared of your basement.

querido diário said...

The last time i saw a little bit of snow in Porto was in 2009 and it lasted one hour ahahahah.
I wish i could have a white winter from time to time!
You live in a great place,i would love to go for walks in the nature everyday,it's so renovating!

Patrice A. said...

love all that you show
the sketches
the woodprint!!!
busy bee
you are an inspiration to me
thank you for that
i wish you a wonderful 2014!


Anikó said...

it is a strange looking winter here too, unusually warm for January... with no snow all winter like your place. but they are forecasting -10 (that's a sudden 14 C degrees drop!) for the weekend, with snow and finally SUNSHINE! sounds good to me. Your woodcut experiments look great! x