summer break

I will make a blog break!
See you after the move!
{my shop is also closed}
– – – – –
To all my letter friends:
If I haven't given you the new address yet,
feel free to contact me!
Until soon!



The air smells like fall lately. This gives me such a comfortable feeling, even though it feels far too early. Are you a shower or a bath person? I am definitely a bath person!
As my tradescantia plant is growing like crazy this summer I decided to send some cuttings to Lovettes.
Luckily they recovered fast of the long travel via mail. 
Have a good Friday!



1} My shelf with my color sorted LPs and my bunny painting that I bought from an art student in our last Croatia holiday.
2} Tasty gluten- and lactose free breakfast.
3} My mum sent me these veggies from her garden via mail :)
4 + 5}  Last pictures of our kitchen.


my weekend

1. A tasty meal.
2. Happiness about a grey sky.
3. Working the whole weekend on the new floor. My working room is finished completely!
A few more hours next time and the living room is finished, too. Next step: bedroom and if everything goes well, we will move in 2 – 3 weeks! Cross your fingers!



Some sketchbook pages that I haven't posted here yet.
– – – – –
Yesterday we had record heat in our country. Never ever it was that hot since they note down temperatures. I felt rather bad and nearly collapsed. Today it will be only 34 degrees! Oh yes!!!
Happy Friday to you all!


giveaway winner + morning pics

The winner of my giveaway is Isidora! Congratulations!
Please write me an email with your address and I will send you the card set as fast as possible :)
All the others, thank you for joining, I am sure it was not the last giveaway!
– – – – –
Some morning pictures in our kitchen. I will definitely miss this flat, it's high ceilings, the amount of light, it's old wooden floors, it's imperfection that makes it so cosy. But I am sure our next place will become also a fantastic place.


Beach dreams

Last day to enter my giveaway!
– – – – – –
Yesterday we painted the living room and started to prepare everything for the floor of my work space. After all the work, I dream of lazy days at the beach :) Fortunately Sunny is doing better, but he seems a bit stressed with what is happening now. I hope he will get used to our new home when time has come. At some point I will also have to close my shop for some time and make a blog break, but I will keep you updated! Have a good start to the week!



Yesterday about 4 hours at home improvement stores, then a short stop at the New Danube. It was still 42 degrees in the late afternoon. The water was so warm, too warm actually to be refreshing. These pictures are from today. We just came home from further renovation works at the house and now I say goodnight - I am all run down... Have a good sleep!
– – – – –
Ps: Don't forget the giveaway!



It's now two years ago that Lotte sent me plant cuttings of the plant in the second and third picture. This summer it is really growing like crazy, you can almost watch it while growing. I hope that my plants will survive the move! Some of them are not easy to transport. When I think of my monstera for example!
– – – – –
Because putting seeds in a separate flowerpot and waiting for them to grow, mostly isn't working for me, I started to put seeds next to other plants and just forget about them. I did this with tangerine pits and some time ago with cotton seeds that Sandra sent me last December. Again I forgot about them and suddenly I spotted this strong young shoot. I'm curious how it will develop!
– – – – –
Have a good weekend! Mine will be a very busy one again...
PS: My Elvis stamp is on Chez Tybounty's wish list :)

Snail mail July

All these pretty cards and gifts are from Lily! She has been on a trip to Ireland, a place on my holiday wish list! Someday I have to count all the birdies she sent me in the last years :) On the last picture you can see a fabric scarf that she also made herself. Isn't it great?! Thank you so much!
This packages is from cococita - she sent me a lot of inspiration material and this cute hedgehog card :)
Thank you!
And last but not least, a card that made me smile a lot, because it comes all the way from America, but the image looks like it was taken in some place of Lower Austria where I grew up :)
Thank you, Sandra, I also got the cute Tody card yesterday, but will keep it for the August snail mail post :)


summer cloud

I finished this rug that I started to crochet three months ago.
I know, a little bit hot for wooly rugs right now, but the next winter comes for sure :)
Yesterday I had to go to the vet, poor Sunny got an inflammation due to this hot temperatures. To see him in such a pain breaks my heart. I hope you are doing good where ever you are right now!