Winter postcard sets

Postcards of my winter themed illustrations arrived and moved into the shop.
Are you having all your presents for Christmas yet?
My Christmas bunny illustration did not win the competition, but thank you for your sweet comments! It is decorating our kitchen now ;)


cococita said...

They are beautiful and special, so you! I hope they will get spread all over the world ...
Such a pity, as I really like your illustration, but it's a good thing that you are surrounded by your creations, isn't it?
Fingers crossed already for the next chance lying ahead!

Mi Joya said...

Good to hear my mail arrived! What a pity the little wooden figures got damaged :( The bubble plastic didn't do it's job! Or maybe my parcel had a rough trip ;-)
I would love to follow one of my parcels to their destination!!
I've found most of the christmas presents, only some left..
Nice cards!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

beautiful cards!
pitty you didn't win... i was sure that you would be the winner!
have a good night claudia!

Anikó said...

beautiful and stylish set! i love the colourways and their understated festive nature x

yoojin said...

The postcards are great! Such a pity, you didn't win the competition...

I received your package yesterday...thank you so much!!! It was full of so many wonderful things!! I enjoyed it very very much! :)
I'm working on yours. I'm sure to send it before christmas. :)

Best wishes! <3