Weekend walk

Today finally the sun showed up after a really dark and misty time,
so we decided immediately to make the most of it and go outside.
The branches of the trees were full of little water drops that looked like natural fairy lights in the sun. Too pretty to capture on a picture.
Hope you are all good out there and not too stressed!


Lily said...

Looks great outside where you life!
And sunny wears a cute sweater!

cococita said...

Sunny looks so cute and comfy in his coat. I went out to have a walk as well. Would love to skip the holidays, as I love the atmosphere but hate the stress and the impact of it.

Sandra Dunn said...

Looks lovely - the sun sure makes a heavenly difference. Similar here today, a nice walk in the sun... Hope you enjoy your Sunday as well.

Patrice A. said...

oh, the sun!
looks like a fine walk
Patrice A.

yoojin said...

Gorgeous pictures! I especially like the second one. :D

Hehe, I'm quite busy, but it's positive stress! :D

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

sun and sunny!
very, very cute sweater!