November mail

Another great snail mail month!
I got a lot of pretty postcards:
The first one is from my friend Susanna from her trip to Berlin, the second one is from Cococita and the three others are from Lily. I have them all hanging in the kitchen :)
Lily also sent me these wonderful fabrics!
Thank you so much! Something is already on the way to you!
These pretty cards are from Sandra. Love the cute little chihuahua babies :)
It makes me happy to see that she is using the stamp I sent her last time!
A letter from Katrien. I missed getting news from her, but I know life can be so busy and it is not always easy to find the peace to sit down and write. I am also behind with answering again.
We already feared that Coco's package got lost, because it needed a really long time to arrive. It was stuck in the custom office. But the waiting was absolutely worth it! She spoiled me with seeds of her garden and a handmade pouch. I really like how she packed the seeds in all those different papers!
Thank you so much! I can't wait to be able to make garden experiments!
And last but not least a blue&purple package from Cococita! Look at this pretty fabric and again I got some of her art experiments! A little something is also on the way to you until I have more time again to write more :)
I hope you all enjoy your first Advent!
We had already some fun in the garden, Sunny was jumping around like crazy again :)
And the candle of the wreath I made is burning and bringing some cozy atmosphere.


cococita said...

Your way of presenting these mail treats always puts a smile on my face: glad to see that a postcard of Berlin is lying next to mine. Would love to finally visit that city next year.
We had an adorable Sunday too: exploring a beautiful forest area not that far from our place. Yay for sunny autumn days.

yoojin said...

Beautiful snail mail! Looking forward to our swap in December. :)
Wish you a wonderful first Advent. :)

Sandra Dunn said...

Happy advent. Your day sounds delightful. Your mail is precious! Seeds & fabrics - so much fun. :)

coco said...

nice to have seed lover too. at the moment, i am enjoying winter garden but can't wait for spring.

querido diário said...

Wonderful snail mail month :D