Just this moment it started to snow for the first time of the year,
but really only a little bit, let's see how it develops :)
Inspired of a vintage fabric I have, I made these prints of wild animals.
– – – – –
Did it snow already where you are?
I'm busy keeping the house warm with our 2 wood stoves ;)
Ps.: One of my dreams will come true soon, so I'm in anticipation for a while now - more about it later!
Stay warm, where ever you are!


fraukakau said...

Oh, die sind wirklich hübsch geworden.
Hier in Wien schneit es auch, aber leider bleibt nichts liegen. Ich bin schon sehr gespannt auf Deinen Traum, der bald wahr wird. Liebste Grüße zu Dir!

cococita said...

They look really good and I am pretty curious!
We already had some snow last week and it seems like we will have some more today as well.
Much love
moi x

Lily said...


No snow here, but temperature around zero...

Mi Joya said...

These prints are nice!
Only the higher regions in Belgium have snow that stays, in the rest of Belgium it came and left :)

mme ulma said...

die sind ganz ganz großartig.

Alicia said...

I am curious too!We have cold around here too. I am going to prepare my hot water bottle!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

Did you print with a stamp? The colors are so vivant! I am in love with the duck.

I think your fabric designs will be printed for real??

Sandra Dunn said...

Gosh, your wildlife stamps are amazing. I love turkeys and deer. You have to see this PBS documentary, My Life As A Turkey. You will love it.

I can't believe I got snow before you did! We got lots of snow in fact. But you never can predict November in Oklahoma. We were in shorts a little over a week ago and now bundled up from head to toe.

Your little teaser about your dream,,, ohhh I'm anticipating good news from you soon then. :)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@fraukakau: Kalt genug wär es hier, dass der Schnee liegen bleibt, aber es hat einfach zu wenig geschneit bis jetzt. Hast du schon recht einen Vorweihnachtsstress? Liebe Grüße!

@cococita: Thank you! Maybe I was a bit early with telling, it will still need some time, but I really hope it will happen! Now, that does not help much eh? Still curious :)

@Lily: Thank you! I'm curious how this winter will be. Weather got really unpredictable.

@Mi Joya: :) I'm happy you like them :)

@mme ulma: Vielen Dank! Was für ein tolles Kompliment! Ich habe gestern deine Perlhühner bewundert! Zu blöd, dass ich mir schon einen Kalender bestellt habe für 2014. :( Der ist wirklich ein Kunstwerk geworden!

@Alicia: Oh yes! Me too, every evening I have my hot water bottle with me :)

@Emmel: It is a hand-carved stamp but I printed with lino-paint which makes a really wonderful covering print. I'm still waiting to get test prints of the last patterns I made. And I already thought of making new patterns with these wild animals. :)

@Sandra: Actually it is a wood grouse :)
Yes, seems strange that we had only now snow, but weather gets more and more unpredictable. I have seen your snow pictures! Unbelievable! I always assumed that you have no snow at all where you live haha!
It looks so surreal on your pictures!