Paper star tutorial postcard

 1. Maybe you remember my paper star tutorial.
I thought it would be nice to get them printed as postcards.
I think I will makes some for our windows this year again :)
– – – – –
2. I never had luck with ebay, but this time (I still nearly can't believe it) I was lucky enough to win the auction of these Brause & Co linoleum carving tools! I am so happy, because in my opinion they are the best to carve! Brause & Co was a company in Germany that started in 1895 to produce calligraphy pens and stuff like that. They are not existing in that form anymore. Maybe you understand now why I am so happy :) I also love their logo with the rooster.
– – – – –
 3. Only because it is matching well with the colors in this post: Cones I collected for  the woodstove.


cococita said...

Such a great find and that card is a very good idea! Would be an ideal X-mas card :)
Your third picture made me smile: I can smell the delicious scent of your stove: wintertime at the countryside ...

Anna said...

OH thank for share (again) this tutorial I?m going to make these stars in my new home!!!

Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

you are very lucky!
nice idea for a christmas card!

Mi Joya said...

Nice ebay-find!!
I always collect cones too when we go to a forest, good for decoration and also good to start the fire!

Sandra Dunn said...

tools!! just like you, to notice the rooster logo . :)

querido diário said...

I will try to make a star :D

Patrice A. said...

such a fine post
beautiful colors
a happy find, o i so can imagine your happiness!
and that tutorial makes a fine x-mas card!


yoojin said...

Great post card idea. :)

Love your ebay-find!! I wish I had better linoleum tools too...