Tobacco pouch

Do you know people where it is hard to find gifts for them?
My bf is one of those people. And because of that I don't hesitate to grab if I find something that he might like. And then I give it right away without any occasion. It was that time again. Since longer time now my bf keeps his tobacco and supplies in my baby blue duck pouch and found it increasingly embarrassing to be seen with it, especially at work with his colleagues :D So I had to think of Mina's hand-sewn, pretty tobacco pouches and asked her to make a masculine version for my bf.
And here it is! Isn't it perfect?! I was not able to take a lot pictures though, because my bf immediately started to use it :)


the Blue Rabbit House. said...

Mina makes so many beautiful things! I fully understand you're boyfriend is happy with it. Such a wonderful gift too. :)

fraukakau said...

Die ist sehr hübsch geworden. Ich würde aber auch mal gern die alte sehen ;o)

cococita said...

This looks so good and masculine! Of course he feels delighted.

Thank you for sharing Mina's blog: I just had a closer look and I am a big fan of her creativity and of her photography style already. Just added her to my favourites :)

querido diário said...

beautiful :)