snail mail September 2013

Another amazing snail mail month!
I think I never had something like that in my mailbox before. Sandra sent me next to other lovely treasures 2 dried bugs {the big one is a cicada}. I immediately had to think of my big collection that I had when I was a child. Maybe I will start a new one with these 2 specimens :)
Thank you so much! I appreciate them a lot!
After a long break Jessica sent me a letter again! I was very excited to hear what was going on in her life the last years! I love the pretty card from Maja Malou Lyse and I am looking forward to my second attempt of growing a little bonsai :) Thank you! I will reply soon!
When I told Isidora how I cherish the handmade notebook she once made for me and that I used it for planing everything for the move, she was so sweet to send me even more pretty notebooks! And some of her beautiful photographs. I think one of the notebooks I will use for my future kitchen adventures :)
Thank you, my dear!
What should I say!?
Can you imagine that Lily sent me all these things in only one month?
I feel so blessed, but at the same time bad, because I am never able to reply so fast to all these wonderful letters! I think I will already have enough seeds for the next year to grow a beautiful veggy garden :) And look at this cute fish mobile or the awesome fish stamp set!
Thank you so much!
Lovely mail from Katyha from Australia!
I hope by now you feel so much relieved and able to do the more pleasant things in life!
A cute dog card wishing me all the best in our new home from Sylvie :)
A little story behind that letter. Exactly 2 years ago Lotte started a little experiment with sending me cuttings from her plants. It worked wonderful, both plants are growing like wild. When I showed one of the plants on my flickr page, Lovettes commented on it, so I decided to send her cuttings of my plant which also worked fine, even though temperatures have been around +40! at this time. And to thank me, she sent me this cute photo of her bunny :) Thank you + I hope your plant will grow as crazy as mine with time :)
A very special mail from Cococita. She send me 4 of her wonderful original artwork experiments! And art supplies! Who won't love that!! :) THANK YOU!!! Also for supporting me always!


emmel-prutsemieke said...

Oh cococita send you one of those amazing pens with an ink eraser at the end!

wide-eyed-tree said...

Yes, I did not know that something like that is existing! What an amazing invention!

Mi Joya said...

That's a lot of pretty mail!!
I like Lily's birds :)

fraukakau said...

Wow ... ich liebe Deine snail mail Postings. Das erinnert mich immer an meine ehemalige russische Brieffreundin, die mir immer so tolle Glitzerbildchen in den Umschlag gepackt hat. Ich sollte auch wieder damit anfangen!

cococita said...

So lovely to have a look at all those treasures. Isn't it a good thing that we keep on the tradition of good old mail? :) Have a beautiful day: I hope you'll find the time to go outside today and to breathe in the fresh autumnal air. I can imagine you sitting with a warm drink next to the stove afterwards, watching your garden through the window doors.

Alicia said...

Wow! Amazing letters!
You look perfect in your cherry dress :)

Helen said...

oh I love post! so exciting to receive a lovely little something from distant friends

Sandra Dunn said...

you are keeping those snails busy. ;)
so much fun to see your treasures.
we love you - hope you are all cozy in your new home and outdoor eden. :)

Sandra Dunn said...

oh, will you need a snail mail room or museum in your house soon? ;)

wide-eyed-tree said...

@MiJoya: They are so cheerful, aren't they?

@fraukakau: Auf jeden Fall! Es ist so ein SpaƟ, wenn man nicht nur Rechnungen im Postkasten hat :)

@cococita: :) I was really outside working for some hours in the garden.

@Alicia: Thank you!

@Helen: So true! I never get bored of it!

@Sandra: What a sweet thing to say :) Thank you! Yes, I will make it even cozier hopefully :)
Hahah! Yes, if it continues like that I will definitely need a extra room for all the mail treasures :)

yoojin said...

Oh, I love to look at snail mail, it's always so inspiring! :) Some gorgeous mail you got this month. :D We really have to swap sometime too. :) :)