snail mail October

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A big THANK YOU to all who take
their precious time to keep snail mail alive!
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It's always like Christmas opening packages of Fiona. She gives so much attention to little details, I love that! :) You should check out her great instagram page!
Pretty card from Cococita 
A pretty bug card from Sandra :)
Awesome handprinted fabrics {by Orike Muth}, a fish card and another card that matched perfectly my breakfast table - all from Lily!
The story behind this cute pouch is that I saw a similar one on Emmel's blog which she got from a blog friend and it reminded me immediately of the curtain we had in our room when I was a child. It had the same duck pattern, but in blue. I commented this on her blog and suddenly I had this pouch in my mailbox :) Carla read my comment and made it for me out of the last piece of fabric she had. How sweet from her! I love it!
I was very happy to get news from Barbara. She sent me lily seeds, this pretty embroidered vintage pillow case, cards, tea and an letterpress gift tag 
Thank you!!!


Lily said...

Just the fabric with the fishes is from Orike Muth. The turqouise one is a Tilda and the lilac a Japanese fabric.

emmel-prutsemieke said...

nice pouch, now we are almost twins;-)

Mi Joya said...

Mail from Fiona is great indeed!!
Funny that pouch!

Sandra Dunn said...

How funny seeing your collection!

Sandra Dunn said...

I meant 'fun'. :)

yoojin said...

Wonderful snail mail!! :) I'm working on some swaps too. :) Claudia, maybe we could swap in December?