Finally I made something that was on my To-do list for exactly 2 years.
In October 2011 I got this pretty pillow case from Lily and I never used it, because I did not have any pillow in that size, so I planned to sew a pillow that I can insert. Actually it was never about the sewing itself that it took me so long to do that, it was more about the filling. Anyway, better late than never! I'm very happy to be able to use it now! Love the birdcage pattern!
Speaking of patterns, I am working on some new patterns too at the moment :) More about that later...
The fabric on the last pictures had "only" to wait one year ;)


Lily said...

Love your little tea-rug.
I made a small pillowcase out of mine.

Katyha said...

I have so many to-do lists so I understand how exciting it is to get one done ;)

they are gorgeous ;)

cococita said...

The light at your place is amazing.
Yesterday got a pillowcase as well and I think you'll also love the pattern :)
Lovely to wake up in the company of some angels ...