Orange Doily rug

Start + finish of a new doily rug - this time an orange one.
My Goji plant + ripe fruits. I'm sure you already heard of it's health benefits.
The funny thing is that we found wild Goji plants directly in our surrounding!
I nearly couldn't believe it!
Sunny neither :)


Lovettes said...

Hi C!
The doily rug is beautiful!! Looks very cozy :)
Oh no, I've never heard of a Goji... mm looks very intresting ;)

Have a nice week,
Love, A

Mi Joya said...

I started crocheting again too, it's the perfect weather for it.
Suddenly lots colder and rainy and dark...
Hihi Sunny :)

cococita said...

Again such a beauty!
The Goji is the ultimate sign that you live in the right place now :)
Never saw its fruits before: let me know if you experience the benefits ...
How is Sunny doing?

querido diário said...

So lucky,Goji are so expensive here im Portugal :/

theslow catwalk said...

So nice the doily rug and so beautiful that sweet dog:)

Sandra Dunn said...

Lucky you to have healthy gogi berries!! The color combination on the doily is fantastic. I could kiss Sunny's cute little face! He is feeling much better?

wide-eyed-tree said...

@Mi Joya: it really seems to be the right weather :) I could not believe how dark it was the whole day yesterday. I kind of liked it, but makes it hard to make good pictures ;D

@cococita: Yes, I thought something similar. Unfortunately I was a bit late to discover the wild goji berries, because there were not many left, but next year I will be very alert to not miss the goji season :)
Sunny is doing better, he still gets treatment and is on diet which is kind of hard in that season where the body is naturally longing for more to be prepared for winter. But I am very happy he is doing better! I hope it will stay that way!

@Querido diario: here the same! But i have to admit, the wild ones are much smaller, but in the past I found only dried ones in the shops. So it is a new experience to taste fresh ones :)

@theslow catwalk: thank you! And welcome on my blog! :)

@Sandra: Yes, I really could not believe my eyes that something that I know only from expensive shops is growing here next to our door! As I also told to cococita before, Sunny is doing better. He still gets treatment. I hope it will stay now this way. At least I now have the feeling he is totally used to live here now, I think the move was also a stress to him. In some behavior he is more like a cat than a dog, haha

Lini said...

cool wir haben auch eine gojibeeren pflanze aber leider noch keine Früchte!

yoojin said...

Love the doily rug! So pretty! :) I plan to crochet a doily rug for our new home too. Any recommandations regarding the yarn? :)

coco said...

well, today, i tried to make round coaster but didn't do well. and it came out to be square in stead.
i don't remembe what i did wrong, i need to relearn how to crochet again. i am thinking about making chrochet mat for my new dinning set.
but the enexpected square looks somewhat charming to me. ^^