nature stamps

Since several days {and nights actually} I am working on these bicolored nature stamps.
{fire lily, gentian and whitethorn}
Our bedroom has once again converted into a printing studio.
Cards everywhere.
More pictures will follow.
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Last chance to enter my facebook giveaway!
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It's the Birthday of my brother! So Ingo, if you read this:
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, live long + prosper! :)
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Last night my bf and I drove through a dark forest


cococita said...


That music sounds so mysterious and magical: didn't know the artist but love this style. I guess it has something to do with the cello as well, except from her unique voice.

Helen said...

These are lovely and so detailed, I'm so impressed that you get the colours so perfectly matched up

emmel-prutsemieke said...


yoojin said...

Love the stamps! They're so pretty! The fire lily is my favourite. :D

Diogo Silva said...

love this collection of drawings :-)