fall oasis

I love autumn! It is the time of the year I feel the most productive.
A lot is going on. Today we explored the surrounding again - made a long walk, a circular route around a biotope that they call oasis. I can see why :)
I could not resist to pick a sunflower full of seeds to take home for the birds. Isn't it pretty?


Lily said...


Evdokia Tsiligiridou said...

an oasis for sure!
and yes the sunflower is very pretty!

Patrice A. said...

your surroundings look stunning!
those bright colors
i like the cabins very much too
like you i like this time of year
and try to enjoy it as much as i can

have a fine sunday!
Patrice A.

Katyha said...

I wish it was autumn here too! today we had 36C weather and it is only Spring :/

Alicia said...

yes it is ;)

kreativnired said...

Claudia, it's so great that you have such a beautiful landscape near your place. Nice for long walks. :)

cococita said...

I think I'd like the region where you actually live as well :)
Lucky birds: they are so happy to have you taking care of them.

zenobie said...

Wow! So beautiful, I love the geometric pattern in plants like this

Sandra Dunn said...

i love that - a fall oasis! i love to hear why it's your favorite season too! :) it looks beautiful there.

Diogo Silva said...

I loved all these photos! :-)
have a nice day!