a star is born

When I finished this rug I thought it's perfect for winter, it looks like a star or snowflake. I immediately started another one, a white one.
– – – – –
Good things are going on. I got something living in the mail :)
More about it soon!
– – – – –
Weekend is soon here again, can you believe it!? Did a lot of cycling this week again, which means my business is doing good. I don't know if I mentioned here before, but I bring my packages to the post box by bike. In winter it won't be that funny I guess ;)
– – – – –


cococita said...

I feel happy for you!
And yes, your second paragraph does make me curious :)
Wishing you a fantastic Friday!

emmel-prutsemieke said...

this is how I discovered your blog, you crocheting all those beautiful rugs

Lily said...

Something living - I get curious!
Animal or plant?

Beautiful star!

Sandra Dunn said...

a bright star indeed! oh the image of you cycling with your packages... :) that's awesome! have a wonderful weekend, dearest.

Kelly Zarb said...

Wow the colour of that rug is beautiful like raspberries!!

Person hinter den Worten said...

Schönes Lied :)

Mi Joya said...

Now i wonder, how many kilometers the post office is away from your house? :)

Katyha said...

your rugs are always gorgeous Claudia.

Wish I could send you a plant from here but I don't think the post lets that through :(