Corner of my new working room.
My beloved, old record player,
+ wearing cozy house shoes.


cococita said...

Looks like the light is lovely at that part of your new home as well. Your shoes look so warm and cute and it's so heartwarming to see how Sunny tries to draw your attention. Our cat has the same skills ;)

Lily said...

How organized and lovely!

Sandra Dunn said...

Looks so cozy!

Mi Joya said...

Oh! Vinyl!
Bf & i love to listen to our vinyls too.

querido diário said...


coco said...

i love the color combination of your rug. i am chrocheting multicolor bag at the moment and it is so fun to use so many different color. i thought of you while chrochet.
did you knit your socks/socks cover too? cute.