snail mail of August

Not much text today, because my internet is making troubles. Apart from the fact that it is the slowest that there is, it is disconnecting all the time and it makes it hard to make a blogpost today. I'm sorry for this, I hope it will get fixed soon! So, a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful mail!!!!
From Sandra :)
From Cococita :)
From Lily :)
From my sister :)


Mi Joya said...

Ooooooo Lily's mail is so beautiful!! I love her birds :)

querido diário said...

beautiful mail :)

yoojin said...

Wonderful mail! :) I'm so looking forward to start snail mailing again too. :) Soon I'm going to be back from my break, yay! :D

Sandra Dunn said...

Fun stuff! From frogs to fish and birds visiting you! :)